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  • Are you a church looking to improve sound, lighting or video system for better productions? We Offer Complete Audio Visual System Design & Installation For Churches In The USA.
  • Churches, regardless of the size of your worship arena or church layout, we can design a complete audiovisual system for your church needs with room to grow in the future.
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Take a moment to understand why we are the preferred
choice for church video and sound systems.


Our devoted team has decades of combined experience with multiple approaches to the audiovisual and lighting industry. Throughout the design and installation process, you'll work with a team of highly skilled technical and visual designers who have the experience to design, install and train.


Every member of our crew exhibits not only knowledge in their respective field but remarkable work ethics, and the desire  to help your church look and sound better.

Open To Discussion

Every church will have unique requirements. That is why we always welcome the opportunity to discuss every detail and make sure that the final product will meet or exceed your expectations.

Tailored Solutions

Existing configurations can vary significantly from place to place. Our team could design from a very simple analog configurations to very large, very complex multi-site digital systems.


Most of the times, we can present alternate configurations that would help the church in the decision making process.


Church Sound and Video Systems Design and Installation

Are you interested in having a newly designed Audio Visual system inside of your church? Or are you looking to install a visual component to the existing sound system in your worship arena?

We believe in a meaningful audio, video, and lighting design and installation that deliver high-performance sound and video. Hence, our specialty is designing the ideal custom audio, video and lighting systems specifically to suit every church layout and requirements.

Providing professional sound system design and installation services that enhance worship environment in the United States and around the World.

Our state-of-art design and installation process will help you create amazing church experience for your congregation.

Amazing Services

We offer a complete custom-designed audio/visual package to suit every worship
place's specific needs. .

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From simple repairs to complete sound system installations, we've got you covered!

Clear and natural-sounding speech in a church is essential for every church service. Our complete audio solutions for the church are careful selected, with a detailed setup process. Your sound system will be integrated with various interfaces that gives you full control and easy accessibility to the system.

All of our sound systems are designed and installed for exceptional audio quality, ideal for voice projection and sophisticated music production during church services.

We provide an extensive range of church sound systems and equipment including; mixers and digital consoles, microphones, wireless systems, monitors, speakers, amplifiers, and accessories to fit churches specific needs and budget.


We install, repair, and maintain video systems such as Projection, LED Video walls, Broadcast Video, Distributed Video, Wireless Video, Multi-Media systems, Video Graphics Systems and more.

Live video streaming systems and configurations that would bring your live service to be broadcasted throughout various online platforms.

Our team of experienced professionals will help you display, distribute, and control your content and messages across local and remote congregation in 1080, 4k video or above resolutions involving LED Video Displays, LED Video Walls.

As modern worship demands more flexibility and a unique set of requirements for video system installations, we offer services that range from basic to  full installation of projection to multi-camera and distributed video systems.



LED lighting is key in creating an ideal worship space.

From whole building LED lighting solutions to lighting just a very specific area within the church, our team of experts will professionally install high reliability LED lighting systems that are easy to maintain, cost-effective, and user-friendly. Hence, we use high-quality light fittings with the latest LED and DMX control technology to ensure a reliable and efficient lighting installation.

Our LED lights and excellent color rendering will have a significant effect on your final product.  We offer LED lighting consulting and professional LED installation services.

Each place of worship has individual requirements in terms of the choice of the lighting system, budget as well as the on-going operations and maintenance requirements. Our LED lighting solutions are tailor-made to meet your church's specific needs.

We work hard to make sure the best    lighting solutions are installed, enhancing your church experience.


Over the years, we have come to realize that training is a crucial component of a thriving media ministry in the church.

All of our sound and audio-visual installations come with training so you can make sure that the operation of the systems is done using best industry practices.

Training it is one of the most important factors in achieving a good church experience. Regardless of the size of investment in the equipment, under most of the circumstances, trained individuals will make the difference between achieving an amazing production or...not.

Training in very specific tasks and areas will make the media ministry volunteers able to deliver all the time, every time. 

Work Examples

These are just a few example configurations.

Contact us today and discuss your specific needs. 

We are here to help.



We pride ourselves having an outstanding expertise to design and install the ideal system for your church.

From a small youth ministry, multipurpose church room, church gymnasium, church classroom, church nursery, church theatre to a large church auditorium, we can design the sound and video systems that will give you the desired impact to your worship place.

Our professionals have been designing recording studios, television stations, broadcast studios, concert configurations. 


One Time


Package 1


  • includes sound, video, lights, streaming platforms

Consulting troubleshooting

Package 2


  • includes sound, video, lights, streaming platforms

Consulting troubleshooting

Package 1


  • includes sound, video, lights, streaming platforms

Consulting/Training troubleshooting

Package 2


  • includes sound, video, lights, streaming platforms

Consulting/Training troubleshooting

Package 3


  • includes sound, video, lights, streaming platforms

Consulting/Training troubleshooting